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Stamped Concrete

men smoothing out freshly poured concrete

Our stamped concrete service is becoming more and more popular amongst our clients. It’s also more common to hear home designers mention stamped concreteduring home renovation TV shows. And why wouldn’t they? Concrete isn’t just a durable, resistant material. It also has the extra benefit of being versatile, which means there are tons of different colors, textures and designs. If you are the sort of person that likes your home to reflect your personal lifestyle, then stamped concrete is definitely an option for you. With our company, you will get the perfect design in stamped concrete, making your ideal home a dream come true.


Benefits of stamped concrete

At Cheektowaga Concrete Pros, we like our clients to be fully informed about the benefits of installing stamped concrete. Firstly, it is a good investment, because, with adequate maintenance, stamped concrete can last up to 25 years. However, if you would like to change up the style within 10 years, you can do so! You can change the color of the existing concrete by using specialized tints and dyes. Furthermore, another added benefit is that real-estate agents have mentioned that stamped concrete can add up to 15% of the properties original value. Not to mention that concrete is cheaper than natural stone and brick.



Do you have a front pathway between your sidewalk and your front door? Or maybe you have a pathway in your backyard that leads to a garden bed? Pathways come in all different types, shapes and sizes. Each property we have visited has had their pathway built in a particular way. That usefulness makes them a great space where stamped concrete can be added. Thanks to the wide range of designs that stamped concrete offer, pathways can be decorated beautifully. For example, if your pathway has a perimeter of flowers or bushes around it, we would suggest that you add one of the following stamped patterns: random stone, basket weave or ashlar slate.



Decks are great spaces to enjoy the outdoors with your friends and family. They are usually the ideal location for a birthday party or a candle light dinner. Decks can be styled up in all sorts of ways. In the case of stamped concrete, it is an excellent material to make your deck look lively. It is cost efficient, it isn’t slipper and it is low maintenance. If you would like a modern look for your deck, you should consider a French slate design, or a Seamless Roman slate. Feel free to give us a call so that we can help you choose the right stamped concrete for your house’s deck.


Garden edging

For many people, their home garden is one of their prized possessions. Having garden beds, trees and shrubs can do wonders to your exterior landscape. That’s why, adding stamped concrete to the garden edging is a way of giving it that final touch of style. It’s the cherry on the top. Stamped garden edging is a great way to highlight certain areas of your exterior, while also protecting your greenery.In these cases, the most common patterns used in Cheektowaga are the London Cobblestone or the Italian slate. If you a green thumb house owner, then you should definitely consider stamped concrete for your garden edging.

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