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Concrete Finishing

man smoothing out concrete surface

Concrete finishing is one of less common know services, but not by any means the least important. Concrete finishing is the process of adding a full layer of concrete onto an existing surface. It is an efficient and inexpensive procedure that can be used when you want to give your patio, driveway or deck a brand new look. The benefits of concrete finishing are that it doesn’t necessary require having to get rid of the existing material, which is time and money consuming. At Cheektowaga Concrete Pros we provide an excellent concrete finishing service because we use only the most specialized material and we work in a time efficient manner. This means having a brand new surface in no time.



There are several benefits to having concrete finishing done correctly. For starters, it allows Cheektowaga Concrete Pros to offer a higher quality concrete paste, which is more compact and dense. It also makes the surface layer smoother, or in other circumstances, textured. This will depend on what our client prefers. Another benefit of concrete finishing is that it insures the concrete’s longevity. Finally, concrete finishes are very versatile, so there is a wide range of different textures and techniques that we can use, depending on the needs of each client.


Out with the old, in with the new

Before our crew add concrete finishing over an existing surface, we always make sure that the current concrete is in adequate conditions. We do not recommend to add finishing concrete on existing surfaces that are broken up because, in our experience, any current damage with most probably telegraph from the bottom. In a short period of time, those old cracks will appear on the top of the new work. For these types of exception cases, we always recommend to add an isolation barrier and reinforced wire to make sure that, if cracking continues to happen at the bottom, it won’t affect the new concrete.


Types of concrete finishing

The most commonly known concrete finish is a smoot surface, which is usually created using screeds and trowels. However, clients should be aware that concrete finishing is actually another opportunity to add style to your home. For example, if you prefer textured surface, we are more than happy to use exposed aggregated finish or stamped concrete (See out “Stamped Concrete” section). If you are interested in color, we also can have that added into the finishing by using mixed pigments or staining products.


Time efficient

At Cheektowaga Concrete Pros, we understand how concrete is curated. This is one of the key ingredients to making a great concrete finishing. Our years of professional experience have allowed to understand that, during any concrete procedure, timing is essential. A good concrete job is all about understand how it dries, even under different circumstances and weather conditions. Taking all this info into consideration, our crew is always coordinated and in constant communication, to make sure that every step of the procedure is done at the right moment. This allows us to guarantee great quality results.

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