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Concrete Driveways

beautiful house with concrete driveway

As local residents ourselves, we love seeing our Cheektowaga community look clean and beautiful. We value all those homeowners that take great pride in making their homes appear welcoming. That is why concrete driveways is one of our favorite services. We like helping home owners have their properties in the best conditions. A concrete driveway is definitely a way to increase curb appeal. Thanks to our reliable, efficient service, we can offer our clients a smooth and glossy driveway that will last a long time. No doubt concrete will make you property look as good as new.


Guaranteed quality

We truly feel grateful for all those clients that have entrusted us with their most valuable possessions: their homes. In order to show respect for that trust, we make sure to offer only professional workmanship in any concrete driveway installation we do. Our whole crew of contractors are certified professionals that will go out of their way to find the best possible solution to your property. They undergo regular update training and maintain a continuous communication with clients at all time. This is what makesCheektowaga Concrete Pros a business that stands out from the crowd.


Initial examination

Before we pour any concrete onto your driveway surface, there are a few prior steps that we like to take, to insure your driveway is picture perfect. An important one is the initial examination. At Cheektowaga Concrete Pros, we do apreliminary visit to your home. This way we can have a better understand of the ground and soil conditions, as well as inclination and drainage. It also allows us to detect any underground service lines we should consider during the installation process. All this information allows us to make a plan of action about your concrete driveway. It also helps us prevent any concrete damage.


Concrete upkeeps

Throughout our years of experienced, we have heard many clients mentions that driveways with cracks, abrasions or potholes make their property look older than it actually is. It can tend to turn into larger surface damages than cost way more than our clients can pay. In order to have to go through the ordeal of repaving everything later on, we have a few upkeep recommendations for all our clients: It’s important to wash your concrete once a week with high water pressure and soft soap. Also, it’s imperative to clean up any spills that may stain concrete, such as oil. Finally, consider adding a layer of sealer every one or two years to keep the surface looking smooth.


Driveway design

A concrete driveway is a service we highly recommend all of those clients that enjoy having their home looking stylish and renovated. Concrete driveway has the benefit of being adaptable. They can be painted over, patterned, tiled, stamped etc. If you are the type of home owner that changes up the style in your house every couple of years, then a concrete surface will always be a good starting point. You can make your driveway stand out by installing garden beds, multi-colored stones or exterior lighting on both sides of the driveway.

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