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About Our Business

concrete worker with safety equipment with his crewmates

Cheektowaga Concrete Pros is a local company that provides professional concrete services to residential and commercial properties. We have excelled at our job for over a decade, making us one of the most reliable, trustworthy companies in the concrete business. Our crew of technician are all certified contractors, with expertise in concrete installation, maintenance and repair. We are passionate about our job and feel motivated to provide quality service to Cheektowaga residents. Our goal in the long run is to be able to provide a wider range of services to everyone in town. Thanks to the loyalty from our clients and our crew, we believe this is possible.


Our business has been successful thanks to three basic company values: professionalism, integrity and safety. When we talk about professionalism, we refer to the fact that our technicians conduct themselves appropriately at all times. We also regularly take training course to continue being competent, skilled and prepared. This way we ensure our client that they are hiring the best professional service out there. As for integrity, we see it as always being honest and transparent with our clients. We always stand for what’s right. For example, we won’t try to overcharge you or offer you services you don’t need. Lastly, in regards to safety, we make sure thateveryone is safe during the projects we implement. We always stick to strict security protocol, as well as improve safety breaches. We avoid any tasks or situation that may be unsafe or risky for ourselves or our clients.

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